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  • December - Thomas Lawrence in Bath
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  • February - Is this the Real Life ?
  • March - The Lute in Paintings
  • April - A Garden Like No Other
  • May - Carmen in Seville
  • June - This won't hurt a bit !
  • July - The healing power of plants
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  • February - The Newlyn School
  • March - The Arts of Japan
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  • October - The Splendour of China
  • October - Russian Culture: Peter the Great to Stalin
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  • December - Impressionist Snow Landscapes
  • 2021

  • January - Adoration of the Magi
  • March - Virtual Tour of Venice
  • March - Painting in Britain
  • April - Curating Grayson Perry and Canaletto
  • May - Virtual Tour of Forum in Rome
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  • December - Shakespeare's London
  • 2021

  • January - Lawrence Society Painting Demo
  • February - Lawrence Society Painting Demo
  • March - Lawrence Society Painting Demo
  • March - Artfest - Wessex Online Exhibition
  • April - Lawrence Society Painting Demo
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Events in 2020 / 2021

Here are the events for last year (2020-2021) for reference, including those kindly offered by the Wessex area and other societies in the Wessex area. They were all conducted on Zoom.

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Our Lectures 2020 / 2021

Wednesday 21st Oct 2020Bodley’s Buildings: The architecture of the Bodleian Library Complex at Oxford
by Justin Reay

The Bodleian Library is one of the greatest academic institutions, its constituent libraries creating the largest academic collection of books and manuscripts in the world. At the heart of the city’s University quarter is the Central Bodleian complex, begun in the 15th century and completed in 2015, presenting a fascinating lexicon of architectural styles and tastes, and providing solutions to changing academic demands.

Justin Reay, who for ten years was a senior academic manager of the Bodleian and knows the buildings intimately, takes us from the medieval grace of the Divinity School and the magical Duke Humfrey’s Library through Thomas Bodley’s quirky Old Bodleian, the stylistically anachronistic but historic Convocation House, Hawksmoor’s neo-Classical Clarendon Building, and Gibbs’s iconic Radcliffe Camera, to Giles Gilbert Scott’s cyclopean New Bodleian (now redesigned as the high tech and glitzy Weston Library), a unique art historical journey through time and space in the heart of academia.

After officer service in the Royal Navy, Justin enjoyed a long career in management before studying the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Oxford, for which he was awarded the University’s Diploma with Distinction in 2005.

During his studies at Oxford Justin was invited to tutor for the University’s international programmes, and became a senior academic manager for the Bodleian Library, gaining a detailed knowledge of the Central Bodleian buildings.

Justin has been an AS Accredited Lecturer since 2018, speaking on a variety of art history topics.

Wednesday 18th Nov 2020Magnificent Mosaics – windows into the colourful Roman world
by Christopher Bradley

The Romans have left us with a remarkable artistic record of their lifestyle, beliefs, achievements and entertainment in the form of beautiful mosaics. From the best sites and museums in the world we see how they built on earlier Greek traditions; the cities in which they lived; the Gods and myths in which they believed; and the exotic lives of the Romans themselves - from Britain to Sicily, from Morocco to Syria.

This lavishly illustrated lecture uses only mosaics from start to finish, bringing the distant world of the Romans gloriously back to life with vibrant images full of action. This is the rise and fall of the Roman Empire as you have never seen it before – through the eyes of the Roman people themselves and the contemporary mosaics they created to reflect and decorate their fascinating, colourful world.

Christopher Bradley is a cultural historian, gaining an honours degree at Liverpool University before working in Arabia for several years. He mastered Arabic and travelled widely throughout the Middle East and North Africa researching, writing and photographing, subsequently producing many guidebooks and supplying photographs to international libraries and museums. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and gives lectures all over the world. For 40 years he has been leading group tours in the Middle East, Ethiopia, Iran and Central Asia.

Wednesday 16th Dec 2020The Wonder of the times: Thomas Lawrence in Bath
by Amina Wright

Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) had very little education and as an artist was self-taught. He began drawing as a child in Devizes, where his father was the innkeeper of The Bear Hotel, and at this popular stopping off point for visitors to Bath he would be paid for capturing images of the guests. In 1780 his father became bankrupt and the family moved to Bath for the next seven years, where Lawrence supported his parents through his paintings.

He became one of the most successful portrait painters of his time, and one of the last in the Romantic tradition. He succeeded Joshua Reynolds as official painter to George III, was the youngest member of the Royal Academy at the age of 25, and in 1820 became its president. Patronised by the wealthy and famous, from The Duchess of Devonshire to Mrs Siddons and The Duke of Wellington, he was always in demand.

This portrait of Arthur Atherley, below, was recently acquired by the Holburne Museum, Bath.

As Curator of Fine Art and Senior Curator of the Holburne Museum in Bath, Amina Wright was a key member of the team that delivered the museum’s highly successful redevelopment. 

She has produced a number of major exhibitions on 18th century British Art and Old Masters, published books on Georgian Bath, Joseph Wright of Derby and George Stubbs, and lectured widely in these areas. The Thomas Lawrence exhibition at the Holburne in Bath has had to be postponed, probably until early 2021, but her latest book, 'Thomas Lawrence: Coming of Age' is due to be published in October 2020.

Her exhibition Thomas Lawrence - Coming of Age in the Holburne Museum, Bath which was scheduled for later in 2021 has now been cancelled due to Covid. However … the good news is that you can see an online version of the exhibition (with a few bonus extras) from the comfort of your own home. See Our Events > Other Sources for details.

Wednesday 20th Jan 2021Picasso’s Guernica
by Paul Chapman

Guernica is regarded by many art critics as one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history. Outraged by the brutality of the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica durIng the Spanish civil war, Picasso created the piece in 1937 but maintained that it would not return to Spain until democracy had been restored. Picasso died in France in 1973. It was only some years after General Franco’s death that the enormous mural returned to Madrid in 1981.

Paul Chapman is an art historian and a National Gallery trained guide. As a freelance Paul delivers courses and lectures for a wide range of educational organisations and is a guest speaker in local schools giving talks and assisting pupils with their art history projects. He says of Guernica: “It shows the horror, cruelty and devastation of modern warfare. Picasso explores many themes, love, death, nationhood, motherhood and his own life at that point in time. The painting is full of cross references to the history of art”.

Wednesday 17th Feb 2021Is this the Real Life ?
by Mary Sharp

From Plato's cave to the Matrix movie, an exploration of the ways writers and artists have challenged our perceptions of reality.

Mary has a degree in drama from Manchester University. She worked for many years for BBC Radio 4 on some of its most popular programmes including Start the Week and Woman’s Hour as well as six years as a Commissioning Editor for all Sunday programmes on Radio 4. She then moved into teaching, first at Beaconsfield High School and then for eight years she was Assistant Head at Dr Challoner’s High School where she taught English Literature and was the Director of the Sixth Form. She now runs a wide range of literature courses for adults and is an accredited lecturer for the Arts Society.

Wednesday 17th Mar 2021The Lute within Old Masters’ Paintings
by Adam Busiakiewicz

Delighted to announce that Adam has agreed to bring this forward to 2021 !

The lute holds a special place in the history of art: painters of the Italian Renaissance depicted golden-haired angels plucking its delicate strings, evoking celestial harmony; in the sixteenth century, during the rise of humanism, the lute was a becoming pastime of educated courtiers, as depicted by the likes of Holbein and Titian; throughout the seventeenth century, the instrument continued to play a key role in emphasising the intimate, debauched and transient pleasures of interior scenes by Jan Steen and portraits by Frans Hals.

Adam Busiakiewicz is an art historian, lutenist and lecturer. After graduating in history at UCL in 2010 he was Head of Historical Interpretation (curator) at Warwick Castle for three years, and then took a Master’s Degree in Fine and Decorative Art at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Art History at Warwick University. He regularly gives talks, tours and lectures to both public and professional audiences at the Wallace Collection and has lectured at the National Gallery, including a series of talks there on the lute in paintings. He is also an accomplished player of the lute and will share this during the lecture. Adam gave us a marvellous lecture on Armour from the Leeds Armoury in 2019.

Wednesday 21st Apr 2021A Garden Like No Other: Edward James and Las Pozas.
by James Russell

[Rescheduled from 2020.]
In the depths of the Mexican jungle lies what looks like the remains of a lost civilisation, with arches and stairways which tower over waterfalls and pools. However, these were built only in the last century by a rich English eccentric and surrealist, Edward James.

This colourful lecture tells the story of his garden at Las Pozas, including an array of intriguing characters and exploring the wider theme of the modern artist-gardener.

Having studied History at Pembroke College, Cambridge, James Russell enjoyed a lengthy stint selling contemporary paintings and sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an experience that inspired him to begin writing and lecturing on 20th century art. Based in Bristol, he has given illustrated talks and run study days for many museums, including the Victoria & Albert, Dulwich Picture Gallery, National Maritime Museum and Salisbury Museum.

Wednesday 19th May 2021Carmen in Seville
by Simon Rees

Bizet’s opera Carmen, first produced in Paris in 1875, is about the flamboyant, tragic figure of the gypsy woman Carmen and her lovers, the soldier Don Jose and the bullfighter Escamillo. Based on a novella by Prosper Mérimee, and set in the ancient and beautiful city of Seville, it has become one of the best loved of all operas.

Simon Rees studied at Trinity College, Cambridge where he gained a BA and an MA in English Literature. He has taught in Italy and Japan, exploring the art and architecture of both countries. From 1989 to 2012 Simon was Dramaturg at Welsh National Opera in Cardiff. He is now a freelance writer and lecturer and travels extensively presenting lectures on opera, art history and literature. Simon has published several novels (including the award-winning The Devil’s Looking-Glass), poems and opera librettos.

Wednesday 16th Jun 2021This won’t Hurt a Bit !
by Geri Parlby

For more than 5000 years artists have been attempting to depict illness and healing in their art.  From Egyptian wall paintings, medieval manuscripts, Renaissance masterpieces, and 19th and 20th century realism, the mysteries of medicine have inspired artworks around the world.  In this lecture we will look at some of the bizarre, amusing and often startlingly realistic depictions of medicine in art throughout the ages.

Geri was a former Fleet Street journalist and film PR before gaining a first-class honours degree in History and Theology, a Masters in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute and a Theology doctorate from Roehampton University in London. She has been researching and lecturing for the past 14 years both in the UK and internationally; initially pursuing her interest in religious art, she has gained an eclectic knowledge of many subjects. She has lectured all over the country and is principal lecturer on the Arts Society South West Area’s History of Art course. Her lectures are renowned for their light touch and humour.

Wednesday 21st Jul 2021The Healing Power of Plants
by Tim Walker

Why plant derived treatments are not an alternative; instead they are the real thing.

Mankind has exploited the medicinal properties of plants for thousands of years, yet the role of plants in modern medicine is still considered to be peripheral by many people.  This talk attempts to put the record straight and to show that plant products are used everyday by all of us to relieve pain and suffering, to heal wounds and cure diseases.

Botanist, gardener, lecturer, presenter, author and after-dinner speaker, Timothy Walker was Director of the Oxford University Botanic Garden from 1986 to 2014, during which time he started lecturing - he has now spoken at over 1500 venues! Since 2014 he has been a college lecturer and tutor at Somerville College Oxford, and now holds similar positions at Pembroke College and Hertford College. In 2001 he was elected a Fellow of the Linnaean Society of London.

Those fortunate enough to attend Timothy’s Study Day in March 2019 will verify that he is a captivating and humorous speaker, with an astonishing knowledge of plants. Not to be missed!

Our Visits 2020 / 2021

Tuesday 20th Jul 2021Roche Court Sculpture Park Visit

The very hot afternoon of 20th July 2021 saw the Arts Society‘s first post lockdown trip when a small group of members and friends visited Roche Court Sculpture Park in the beautiful countryside outside Salisbury.

There are eighty-nine sculptures and works of art within the park and we had time to see only a small number of them in one afternoon but our excellent guide, Laura, had designed a tour to demonstrate different ways of sculpting from carving and casting to construction. There were also installations which were site specific for example the wonderful Tame Buzzard Line by Richard Long. While we admired Barbara Hepworth’s Family of Man and Bill Woodrow’s Endeavour, Laura gently challenged us to see more and more in each piece.

There was a welcome interval for tea and homemade rock cakes on the shaded terrace of the beautiful, old house built by Nelson as his retirement home.

For more details of the Park and sculptures please see their website :
Roche Court website

Everyone agreed that it had been a splendid afternoon and after the restrictions of lock-down during which we had all missed our art ventures so much, it was a wonderful way back.

Click here to see more pictures of the day.

Our Study Day 2020 / 2021

Wessex Area Study Days 2020 / 2021

Wednesday 17th Feb 2021The Newlyn School
by Catherine Wallace

Six lectures over two days exploring the art and artists of the Newlyn and Lamorna schools, now to be held as Zoom lectures.

DAY 1: Wednesday, 17th February 2021 1.Art, Fish and Sail 2.Fame for the Newlyn School in the 1880s and 1890s 3.When the Cows Come Home

DAY 2: Thursday, 18th February 2021 1.The Forbes School of Painting 1899 -1939 2.Love, Art and Tragedy: Close Encounters in a Cornish Art Colony 3.Artists of the Lamorna Valley (1895 -1955).

The talks will be repeated in March:
Wednesday, 17th March 2021 (DAY 2 content)
and Thursday, 18th March 2021 (DAY 1 content).

Each day starts at 10:15 for 10:25 and ends at about 15:00
Location: By Zoom. Please specify your email details on the application form so that you can be sent the Zoom link. Price £15 per household per day; those who have already booked for the study day’s previous format will have the difference refunded.

Print the application form and send as per the instructions on it:

Or see the Wessex Area website for more details.

Catherine Wallace is a freelance art historian, curator, writer and lecturer specialising in British 19th and 20th century art with a focus on artists who were based in Cornwall, England.

Thursday 25th Mar 2021The Arts of Japan
by Professor Marie Conte-Helm OBE

This study day is hosted by the Mendip Arts Society, guests are welcome.
See the poster below for details.
Cost: £15 per household.
For information on application and how to pay see www.theartssocietymendip.org.uk or email gill.stobart57@gmail.com
Please note that the deadline for applications is Tuesday 9th March.

Wednesday 14th Apr 2021The Art and Culture of the Aztecs, Maya and Incas.
by Chloe Sayer

Rescheduled from 2020.
Two days exploring the ancient and modern splendours of Mexico and Peru.
The Aztecs, Maya and Incas, as well as the modern artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.
Day 1: Ancient Mexico, Modern Mexico, Peru: The Incas and their Predecessors.
Day 2: Maya Dynasties and City States, Arts of the Ancient Maya, The Maya Heritage, Past and Present.
Dates: Wednesday 14th April and Thursday 15th April 2021

Each day starts at 10:15 for 10:30 and ends at about 15:00
Location: via Zoom
See the Wessex Area website for more details and the application form.
Or email Julie Price

Chloe Sayer is a freelance specialist in the art and culture of Latin America. She has lectured around the world and has worked on television documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. In 2016 Chloe was awarded the prestigious Ohtli medal by the Mexican Government for her long-standing commitment to Mexican culture.

Tuesday 12th Oct 2021The Splendour of China

This South Wessex Area Study Course will be held in Cerne Abbas village hall, (postcode DT2 7GY) circumstances permitting, and also on Zoom.

The course comprises 5 study days: 12 October 2021, 16 Nov 2021, 18 Jan 2022, 15 Feb 2022, 15 March 2022. See the poster below for details.

In the venue: book all five days (£140) or a specific day (£30)
Online: book all five days (£75) or a specific day (£15)

For more information and a booking form email Maggie at wessexcoursessouth@gmail.com

Wednesday 27th Oct 2021Russian Culture from Peter the Great to Stalin

Six days of lectures exploring art and culture in times of dramatic change.

Day 1 Douglas Skeggs Wednesday, 27th October 2021
Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, The Romanovs

Day 2 Rosamund Bartlett Wednesday, 10th November 2021
Art and Literature: Tolstoy and Chekhov, Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes

Day 3 Rosamund Bartlett Wednesday, 24th November 2021
Chagall to Heifetz, The Art of the Russian North, Russian Christmas Traditions

Day 4 Rosamund Bartlett Wednesday 26th January 2022
The Revolution in Russian Art, Constructivism and the Russian Avant-Garde, Russian Art and Architecture under Stalin

Day 5 Brian Healey Wednesday, 23rd February 2022
Decoding the Russian Icon: Isaak Levitan and the Poetry of Landscape, The Road to Revolution: Russian painting 1861-1917

Day 6 Peter Medhurst Wednesday 23rd March 2022
Tchaikovsky and ‘The Five’, Stravinsky and Rachmaninov, Prokofiev and Shostakovich.

Each day starts at 10:15 for 10:25 and ends at about 15:00
Location: Market Lavington Community Hall.
See the Wessex Area website for more details and the application form.
Or email Julie Price at wessexcoursesnorth@gmail.com

Wessex Area Lectures 2020 / 2021

Monday 21st Dec 2020Impressionist Snow Landscapes
by Julian Halsby

This Zoom lecture is hosted by the Sherborne Arts Society and kindly offered free of charge as a Christmas lecture to other Wessex area members. It will be held at 5.45pm for a 6pm start on Monday 21st December. To request the log-in details, please email sherborne@theartssociety.org. Please join with a festive drink to hand !

Sherborne's Zoom rules :
You will be muted on arrival with the ability to unmute if you wish to say something. Once the lecture starts you will not be able to unmute, but you can after the rounding up.

Once the lecture starts, please remove your little image and then watch on speaker view. Please reinstate your image afterwards. If you do not remove your image, the host will do it for you. The downside is that if the host does it, you will not be able to reinstate it later. (Sorry, it is the nature of Zoom)

To participate you must be registered with Zoom with your email address so that we can identify you. If you are not sure if are signed in, please start logging in to the meeting early so that you can complete the sign in process which you will be asked to do.

We will start the meeting at 5:45 to enable this and let attendees into the waiting room.

To the Impressionists light was all important and in particular the play of light on water and snow. Luckily the 1870’s and 80’s produced some very cold winters and much of Northern France was blanketed in snow and frost on regular occasions. But some of the finest winter landscapes were painted by the American Impressionists who recorded the bitterly cold North American winters often on a grand scale which reflects the immensity of the American landscape.

This short lecture is a visual treat, an account of the wonderful snow paintings of which the Impressionists are acknowledged masters.

Julian Halsby is a very well-known Arts Society lecturer, specialising in the Pre-Raphaelite, Impressionist and Symbolist eras.

Tuesday 5th Jan 2021The Adoration of the Magi
by Anne Haworth

The Adoration of the Magi: a Tableau from the Silk Road and a much-loved Christmas Story with Anne Haworth.
Zoom lecture : Tuesday 5th January at 6pm
This is not a regular Arts Society lecture but is being offered free in the spirit of Christmas friendship and bringing people together after a difficult year for everyone with too much isolation.
This lecture is only for societies in Wessex Area. If you wish to attend this Zoom lecture then please notify Mike Page ( theartssocietydevizes@gmail.com ) and he will send you the link on Monday 4th January.

The visit of the ‘Three Wise Men’, also known as Kings or Magi, is celebrated in the Feast of Epiphany on 6th January. "There came wise men from the east…." The story in the Gospel of St Matthew relating events celebrated in the Christian Feast of Epiphany is all too brief. Yet artists of the Renaissance period infused glowing detail into those tantalising words as they imagined the arrival at Bethlehem of the three Magi, each bearing a gift to honour the Christ Child.

Tuesday 9th Mar 2021Virtual Tour of Venice
by Luisella Romeo

This live walking tour on Zoom through Santa Croce and San Polo is hosted by the Pewsey Vale Arts Society. It will take place at 11am on Tuesday 9th March, so long as it isn't raining in Venice at the time!

For all bookings email : du.croz@btinternet.com
Cost £10, payable to The Arts Society Pewsey Vale (Sort code: 20-05-06, Account: 43922561, Reference: your surname plus V)
Deadline for bookings: 5th March 2021

Tuesday 23rd Mar 2021Painting in Britain 1850-1914
by Julian Halsby

3 Zoom lectures: 23rd March, 30th March and 6th April, each at 11 o'clock.
Cost £10 per lecture or £25 for all three.
Contact Alison Watson alison@watsonw4.com for application and payment details.
See the poster below for details.

Wednesday 28th Apr 2021Curating the Grayson Perry and Canaletto Exhibitions
by Dr Chris Stephens

This is a guest lecture hosted by the Arts Society Bath, everyone welcome.

It covers the behind-the-scenes challenges of curating the two exhibitions : Grayson Perry: The Pre-Therapy Years and Canaletto: Painting Venice.

Cost per household is £5 for Arts Society members, payable to The Arts Society Bath (Sort code: 40-09-19, Account: 12753960, Reference: HM). To confirm payment, application for a place and any queries please email treasurer.bath@theartssociety.org

Dr Stephens is the Director of the Holburne Museum, Bath and former Head of Displays and Lead Curator at Tate Britain.

Tuesday 4th May 2021Virtual Tour of Forum in Rome
by Stuart Harvey

Dorset County and Pewsey Vale societies invite you to this wonderful virtual tour of the Forum in Rome to be held at 5pm on Tuesday 4th May 2021.

Price: £5

For tickets, please click this link: www.ticketsource.co.uk/arts-society-dorset-county

Learn about the temples, Roman arches and basilicas; visit the Senate House and see where Julius Caesar was cremated, and much much more along the way.

Don't miss this wonderful virtual visit and please forward the event information to friends.

Our professional Rome tourist guide Stuart Harvey lives in Rome and he will take you, via Zoom, on a wonderful voyage of discovery through the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum, the social, political, commercial, legal and political heart of the old city and its empire.

Other Events 2020 / 2021

Thursday 17th Dec 2020Shakespeare’s London

We have purchased a Christmas Special as a Christmas treat for us all.

It is Lance Pierson's "Shakespeare's London"  Tour.

The video is entertaining and informative and it runs for 57 minutes. It will be available for members to view until March.

All you have to do is click on the link in the email that we sent to all our members on 17th December entitled "A Treat for Christmas from the Arts Society Devizes" . Please do not share or copy the link with anyone else.

Press the Play button. When it starts it is worth finding the "Full Screen" icon to make the video fill your screen. To stop "Full Screen" press the Esc key.

If you have any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact Mike Page at theartssocietydevizes@gmail.com

Lance Pierson is a professional actor, poetry reader and London Guide.

Monday 4th Jan 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This demonstration on Monday 4th January at 7.30pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Devizes Arts Society.

It will be a demonstration on Zoom by Christopher Forsey using acrylics to paint a landscape.

Ask for access by emailing The Lawrence Art Society at lsa.devizes@gmail.com  and the access code will be forwarded to you closer to the time.

Christopher Forsey is an illustrator and artist who lives in Dorking in Surrey and draws much of his inspiration from the natural landscape near him. His life began in graphics, moving into painting later. He now earns his living from painting. He is a Member of The Royal Institute of Painters and The Society of Graphic Artists.

Monday 1st Feb 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This live painting demonstration on Monday 1st February at 7.30pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Devizes Arts Society. Paul will be painting a street cafe scene in oils for us.

If you are interested then please email to las.devizes@gmail.com and Nick, their Zoom Master, will send you the Zoom link near to the date of the demonstration.

Paul trained at St Martin’s School of Art, London, and has been a full-time illustrator and painter since completing his training.

Monday 1st Mar 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This live painting demonstration on Monday 1stMarch at 7.30pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Devizes Arts Society. Denise will be painting a seascape titled 'Crashing Waves'.

If you are interested then please email to las.devizes@gmail.com and Nick, their Zoom Master, will send you the Zoom link near to the date of the demonstration.

Most noted for her land and seascapes, Denise is a consummate demonstrator and an artist whose work decorates many places, nationally, internationally and corporately.

Monday 1st Mar 2021Artfest – Wessex Online Exhibition

An online exhibition of art works from our Wessex Arts Society region.

Click here

(If you get a 'Page Not Found' error then the exhibition has not been uploaded yet. Please try again a few days later.)

Monday 12th Apr 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This live demonstration of painting in pastels on Monday 12th April at 7.30pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Devizes Arts Society. Rebecca de Mendonca will be showing how much ‘Life and Energy there is in Pastel Painting.’

If you are interested then please email to las.devizes@gmail.com and Nick, their Zoom Master, will send you the Zoom link near to the date of the demonstration.

Rebecca founded ‘The New Pastel School’ in 2013 with Nel Whatmore. She has been
short-listed for the ‘Artist of The Year Award’ for the last three years.

Monday 10th May 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This live demonstration of painting in acrylic on Monday 10th May at 7.30pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Devizes Arts Society.

Lawrie Quigley will be demonstrating the way to approach and paint a still life in acrylic, by capturing the mood and atmosphere conveyed by the visual imagery and sensations of the everyday object.

If you are interested then please email to las.devizes@gmail.com and Nick, their Zoom Master, will send you the Zoom link near to the date of the demonstration.

Monday 7th Jun 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This live demonstration on Monday 7th June at 7.15pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Devizes Arts Society.

Jonathan Newey will be demonstrating how to paint buildings in the landscape with pen and wash.

If you are interested then please email to las.devizes@gmail.com and Nick, their Zoom Master, will send you the Zoom link near to the date of the demonstration.

Monday 5th Jul 2021Lawrence Society Painting Demonstration

This live demonstration on Monday 5th July at 7.30pm is hosted by the Lawrence Art Society of Devizes and is being made available to members of the Arts Society Devizes.

Philip Boville will be demonstrating how to draw an industrial scene in charcoal.

If you are interested then please email to las.devizes@gmail.com and Nick, their Zoom Master, will send you the Zoom link near to the date of the demonstration.