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Community Work

Church Recording

Although The Arts Society UK has a long history of successfully achieving in this area, the National Congress decided not to continue funding these projects. While they can still continue, funding us now up to individual groups and the church or diocese. Another important consideration is that the insurance that usually covered these projects no longer applies. Hopefully this would be covered by the church.

We are still looking for volunteers to continue our joint work with Pewsey Vale and have an upcoming request from The Trustees of St Mary’s Church, Devizes.

St Stephen's Church, Beechingstoke

We have now completed the records on five local churches:

  • St Peter’s Church, Charlton St Peter — November 2019
  • St Stephen’s Church, Beechingstoke — May 2018;
  • St Andrew’s, Etchilhampton — March 2016;
  • St Matthew’s Church, Rushall;
  • St Nicholas’ Church, Wilsford.
Recording Artefacts

An album containing more photos from our church recording activities can be viewed by clicking here .

Heritage Volunteering – Tudor Costumes

Members of The Arts Society Devizes, working with colleagues from The Arts Society North Wiltshire, have completed the third phase of making children’s replica costumes for the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes.

Judith Burridge and Jennie Harding (The Arts Society North Wilts), with Sue Flood and Dawn Vernon (The Arts Society Devizes)

Pleas to members of both Societies produced a wide range of fabrics, haberdashery and jewellery all of which were put to very good use in recreating costumes of both the medieval and Tudor periods. The costume design work was led by Sue Flood of The Arts Society Devizes and the overall production coordinated by Jennie Harding of The Arts Society North Wiltshire.

Seamstresses from both societies produced a wide range of costumes the purpose being to create examples of clothing from all classes of society so children visiting the museum are able to appreciate the contrast between the lives of the poorer and wealthier people.

Witshire Museum, Devizes - Tudor Costumes

The garments have been designed and produced with great skill and imagination, workers taking home donated material and returning with caps, aprons, ruffs, bodices and beautiful gowns and breeches, all of which can be seen and worn at the Museum.

Tudor Costumes in Devizes Museum

We hope to engage in further production of costumes in the coming seasons.

Discovery Trails

The Arts Society Devizes launched its first church trail for children at All Saints’ Church in West Lavington.

In January 2015 we welcomed 48 seven to nine-year-olds from Dauntsey Academy Primary School to All Saints’ Church, West Lavington to take part in the society’s first trail. School staff and members of The Arts Society Devizes, led by Anji Scofield, helped the children with their trail, having fun finding out about the church and answering questions such as ‘where is the holy washing up done?’. It was wonderful to see the children have so much fun learning about the building and its history.

The trail guides visitors round the church looking at its architecture, history and furnishings with the aim of encouraging people to explore and learn about the building, so that they are inspired to visit other churches.

The trail can be completed at any time the church is open, with trail sheets available for people to use. The PDF copy of the trail sheet can also be viewed by clicking here. An album containing more photos of our church trails can be viewed by clicking here.

Our aim is to cover as many of the significant places in Devizes and the surrounding area, beginning with St Mary’s and going on to St John’s and St James. If you are a church member and would like us to undertake one for your place of worship, please contact us on our e-mail: