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Young Arts

Young Arts – October 2019

By popular request Lynne Gibson repeated her lecture entitled WOMEN ARTISTS: Modern Mistresses at Trowbridge College on 17th October 2019.

Lynne Gibson
Women Artists: Modern Mistresses

Staff reported that Lynne Gibson's lecture was knowledgeable and thoughtful. It was attended by over 100 students from Foundation Art & Design, Level 3 and Level 2 Art and Design. 

The students have been discussing the questions raised by the lecture during their studio sessions, clearly informed by its content. 

The Director of Studies said :"Please pass on thanks to the Arts Society Devizes (Young Arts) for their financial support and enabling this lecture to take place”.

Young Arts – July 2019

The Arts Society Devizes (Young Arts) provided a grant of £300 towards a recent youth production of the musical “Legally Blonde” at The Wharf Theatre, Devizes.

This contribution made all the difference to the production costs of this excellent and hugely enjoyable production by the cast of twenty talented, energetic youngsters, all from the Devizes area.

Legally Blonde

Acknowledgement and thanks for this support was included in the Theatre programme.

Young Arts – December 2018

Two Animation Workshops and an Introduction to Film making were generously funded by The Arts Society Devizes (Young Art) for Young Carers in Wiltshire on 1 December 2018.

The workshops involved 20 Young Carers (aged 7 to 18) from across Wiltshire and took place in West Lavington Village Hall.

One of the videos created at the workshop

Using an App on their mobile phone they designed and created hand drawn animations, instructed by professional Animators. Imagination and creativity amongst the groups led to excellent and impressive films made by the groups. At least 2 of the participants have set their sights on becoming Film Directors and everyone who took part said how much they had enjoyed the experience and watching the live footage of their art work.

Setting up the Animation

Feedback from students:
What did you like about the Workshop ?

  • It was really fun to do and I liked drawing the pictures.
  • I liked that I could do a lot of things I love doing by drawing models and creating the animation.
  • Creating the animals for the animation filming.

What did you learn ?

  • How to use the animation app to create an animation.
  • How to animate with plasticine and turn that into a moving scene!
  • I learnt how to animate with pictures.
  • I learnt how many frames it takes for a short animation!

Young Arts – January 2018

On 25th January 2018 Lynne Gibson, BEd, MA gave a lecture entitled WOMEN ARTISTS: Modern Mistresses at Trowbridge College. Lynne’s lecture was particularly interesting, given its exciting title and relevance this year, being the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, Women’s Vote and the ongoing struggle for Gender Equality, not just in the Art World.

Lynne Gibson - Golden Jubilee Lecturer

The majority of students currently studying Art and Design at Trowbridge College are female so it was of particular interest to them, as well as other students from schools and colleges in Wiltshire, who were invited to attend the lecture. This introduced them to the Arts Society’s Lecture programme and raised awareness of opportunities we offer through sponsorship and help with Educational arts projects including Visual Arts, Drama and Music for Young People in this area.

Students attending the Golden Jubilee Lecture

This lecture marked 50 years of The Arts Society (our GOLDEN JUBILEE). The lecture was funded jointly by The Arts Society Wessex and The Arts Society Devizes together with a contribution from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund. This introduced older students in the Wessex Area to The Arts Society’s varied and enriching Lecture programme and as many as 150 people were able to attend.

Feedback from Foundation Art and Design students at Trowbridge College, who attended the lecture:

  • Eye opening, where women artists began to be seen and their struggles..’ — Lily
  • A really good speaker, the historical background shocked and hooked your interest’ — Isabel
  • Really good to have a specialist lecture from outside of College’ — Harry
  • ...hadn't really noticed properly the focus of Art in Galleries and the dominance historically of male artists’ — Erin

Thanks were given to The Arts Society Devizes and The Arts Society Wessex for jointly funding this lecture, together with a contribution from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund.